Our Approach

Support, Educate & Advocate.  It isn't just our tag line, it is our mission.

MHA is dedicated to support families experiencing mental health issues, educate our community about mental health concerns, and advocate for mental health awareness.

Our Story began in 1956.

The Mental Health Association in Morgan County was formally organized in Decatur on February 20, 1956 culminating the efforts of a small group of citizens to provide support for local mental health programs.  W.T. Dye presided at the initial meeting.  Probate Judge T.C. Almon was elected president; Miss Frances Nungester, vice president; and Mr. Dye, secretary-treasurer.

Over the last 50+ years the Mental Health Association has developed many programs and services related to the mission of promoting mental health, preventing mental illness, and advocating for the improved care and treatment of the mentally ill.  Our history includes many different grants and fundraisers that support our partnerships with other agencies to provide the education and support of mental health issues necessary to improve the quality of lives within our community.

Alone we can do so little; but together we can do so much.

--Helen Keller

Our Story

Meet Our Team

We all have our own stories on why we work at MHA and what brought us here. The common thread is a servant heart and a passion for supporting, educating and advocating for better mental health.

The COVID pandemic has changed our normal lifestyles. What do you miss most?

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Susan Claborn

Executive Director

"I really miss sporting events and concerts with my family. I miss making plans to travel and make those types of memories. We have embraced and enjoyed having more downtown together."

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Summer Blankenship


"I miss concerts, going out to eat and traveling with my family."


Asa Taylor

REACT Program Coordinator



Melanie Brown

CARES Program Coordinator

"I definitely miss traveling and hanging out with my friends!"

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Katie Gilliland

Alzheimer's Program Coordinator

"I miss traveling and going out to eat on a regular basis."

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Zack Curtis

Social Media Intern

"For an introvert it hasn't changed much, but i definitely miss my planned trip to Alaska."

MHA Board of Directors


Cindy Bracken

Vice President

Miriam Stover


Miracle Osborne


Jaimie Naylor

Luke Bergeson

Mitzi Bragwell

Luke Etheredge

Demond Garth

Amy Gillott

Brenda Greene

Howard Martin

Parker Moore

Angie Morris

Betty Ogun

Jill Palmby

Lorrianne Curtis-Sparkman

Anita Walden


Non-voting member: Doug Shoemaker

Non-voting member: Ryan Hawkins