Saturday, June 23rd 2018


I’m Thumbody

This program is not active at this time.

“I’m Thumbody” is the name of a mental health program which focuses on the importance of self-esteem. The program helps children find value in themselves and offers strategies through which parents and teachers can cultivate self-esteem in every child.

Self-esteem is the key to good mental health and will often be the most important element in how children face the pressures of today’s society. How a child deals with peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, family relationships, learning, and acceptance of responsibilities is related to the development of a good self-image.

“Good mental health is feeling good about yourself, feeling good about others, and feeling good about what is going on around you.”

The Mental Health Association began the “I’m Thumbody” Program in 1984 after working with the schools to get approval. Parents are recruited to attend a training, and then they present the program to 2nd graders in Decatur City Schools and 3rd graders in Hartselle City and Morgan County Schools. The mascot is “Thumbody” who says “I am Me! There’s not another person in the world like me. I have my very own thumbprint. I am special.” An informational booklet is sent to all parents. The parent volunteers give information about being “unique” and “special.” They show the video “Thumbody Goes to the Races” and then allow the students to make a “Thumbody” button. The students also receive a “Thumbody” bookmark and coloring book. Often, the school counselors follow-up the parent presentation with a review of “Thumbody” and other self-esteem topics.